Stairlift Grants All You Need To Know

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require any information on stairlift grants.

Stairlift grants are available from your local authority. People seeking a grant should contact their local authorities website. Forms can be downloaded.
Please click on the relevant link.

The Housing Adaptation Grant Scheme

The Housing Adaptation Grant for People with a Disability is designed to help people modify their house. It aims to make a house more suitable for a person with a disability to live in. It targets people of limited means.

The types of works include downstairs toilets, stairlifts and level access showers. Access ramps  and extensions are also included.
More information can be found on this Citizens Information link.

The Mobility Aids Housing Grant Scheme for Stairlift Grants

The Mobility Aids Housing Grant Scheme covers a basic range of works. It is designed to assist people with mobility issues.  The works covered include grab rails, access ramps, level access showers, stairlift grants, and other small works. The aim is to make a house more suitable for a person with mobility problems to live in.
More information can be found on this Citizens Information link.

My tips if you are applying for stairlift grants

  • Nominate one competent person to do the administration.
  • Do everything by email. It’s much quicker.
  • Get straight onto the internet and download the forms.
  • Straight away you will see what documentation you require or are short of, Such as property tax, income, pension, doctors report or OT report, stairlift quotations and so on.
  • Read through the forms and carefully make a list.
  • Ring the council to gather as much information as possible. Ask anything your not sure about.
  • Gather the information as quickly as possible.
  • O’Connor Carroll will be very quick to send a representative out and will send your quote quickly.
  • Before you send any documentation to the council take a complete copy. Just in case it gets lost.
  • Ring the council to confirm they have received your application.
  • Ring the council to ensure you are not forgotten.

The key thing when applying for stairlift grants is speed, be proactive. Often the grant takes so long because the applicant themselves is very slow to gather all the information together.

If you have any questions regarding stairlift grants your local authority are always helpful.