Wheelchair ramps provide a convenient way to access your home for wheelchair users or those using other mobility aids such as mobility scooters, rollators and walking frames. They are secure and long lasting fixtures that can be complete with little disruption to your home.

Handrails are supplied and fitted along any exposed sides of the ramp which will assist you getting from A to B safely and efficiently. These galvanised rails are anti-rust and can be painted if desired. Concrete steps can be built where a ramp is not needed. These can take up little room in your garden if space is an issue.

All our wheelchair ramps and steps are built to the latest specifications and as per OT requirements. This ensures that slopes are not too steep and have the necessary level platforms on corners and longer ramps.


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Accessible Doors

As part of ramp and steps works, O’ConnorCarroll supply and fit low threshold exterior doors. We install Front and rear doors depending on where the ramp is needed. Low threshold composite doors can provide better security and energy rating as well as serving better practically for entering and leaving your home.


Grants for ramps are available from your local authority. These can cover large portions of the cost of the ramp. Please contact your local county council to apply for grants for ramps, steps, rails and front doors.


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